When it comes to integrated building systems, there's nothing as light, durable, hydro-stable or fire resistant than Brute Wallâ„¢.

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QUICK ASSEMBLY: Joining panels with tongue and groove construction strengthens the structure between the panel and its connected beams and columns. The result is an exceptionally lightweight, fully customizable construction system that is easy to transport, store and erect, saving time and money.

TURNKEY DELIVERY: Brute Wall eliminates framing, insulating and drywalling. Panels are assembled using a polyethylene-base cement or epoxy compound. Vertically integrated conduits greatly reduce the time to install utilities like electrical, plumbing and fibre cable, greatly reducing both construction time and capital costs.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our walls are eco & forest friendly, time tested, non-hazardous and 100 per cent recyclable. By design and application, Brute Wall reduces the amount of construction debris associated with traditional construction. This is not only cost effective but clearly environmentally responsible.


Brute Wall Integrated Building System panels are extremely light with no additional plaster required. The finished product weighs less than 25 percent of a comparably sized block wall.


Brute Wall panel composites effectively resist moisture penetration and the formation of surface condensates common in humid conditions.


Rated "Class A" under certified tests of 1,700 degrees Celsius or 3,092 degrees Fahrenheit. Tests conducted over 3 hrs exposure per side.


Excellent heat insulation delivers energy savings. The insulation rating for both severe cold & hot conditions reduces overall energy consumption.

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